Month: December 2013

Happy (Nearly) New Year

How good is today’s Google Doodle? The answer is very…


It appeals to me on two levels (Count ’em two!):

First on a very basic simplistic level. I love the cartooney smiley faces, really I’m just a big kid and I love this sort of thing! (They’re adorable).

Secondly, I think it’s quite poetic (‘I sound like a right one’, goes my inner northern cynicism). My interpretation is rather simple, we’re all gonna boogie out the year, some of us more fervently than others (I will be freezing to death waiting for a few fireworks to go off) whilst the clock ticks down. Meanwhile 2014 is waiting on the edge of the dance-floor with almost fever-point anticipation, ready to get involved, cue the lasso dance move (one of my best moves… don’t try it home kids).

I really hope everyone has a great year. However right now reflection (or as I like to call it dwelling) is all the rage. We all start to look back over the last twelve months. Well personally I feel like I’ve had a great year! I love living in London and I’ve made some great new friends, who are just the best (they’re beautiful people inside and out… well most of them are). Next year I wanna push on (please sir… can I have s’more). My wishes are incredibly self-centred but I want to write more and read more (and buy that camera I’ve been oogling for over a year).

Okie dokie I’m going to leave you with two things:

Firstly how good is this song?

Secondly I saw Short circuit was on this morning…  If you need a nostalgia refill, re-watch this movie. (Who made Steve Guttenburgh a STAR, we do…we do…). Pure unadulterated, unfiltered 80s.

Well that’s all from me, I wish you all the best in the new year.

Philly out. 



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Recharging those xmas batteries

Hello again,

Iv’e just finished watching the Royal Tenenbaums for what must be the 8th time in about ten days! (I gave myself Christmas and Boxing day off)

I love this film and I can now pretty much quote it all the way through (however I am incredibly aware that I’m about one or two views away from over-killing this film for myself). I’ve also listened to my Travelling Wilburrys album for about the hundredth time. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out. Harrison, Petty, Dylan, Orbison and that bloke out of ELO… I mean come on… Just amazing,

Now I’m going somewhere with this so stick with me if you can. I’ve been reading a lot of the introvert vs extrovert argument that is currently pasted all over the internet at the moment. A lot of it is nonsense, but you can find some really well written articles out there on the subject. I believe it all comes down to how you handle social interaction. Extroverts feel energised from being in groups, whereas introverts feel drained from big social activities (like multiple xmas based parties and gatherings) and have to recharge by spending a bit time on there own. I fall mainly into the introvert side of things. Now most of these articles on I vs E would have you believe that introverts are so cool and so deep, I don’t buy into this whole superiority complex, I just think we are built and we operate in different way. I do however feel slightly empowered and I feel I have a better grasp on how my brain works (knowledge is power). So when I have one of my sweet gorging sessions on my own (be it a book, DVD or album) I no longer feel like I’ve wasted a load of time I know I’m just sorting myself out (ying and yang man).

So if you’re an extrovert, over this great time of year go to loads of parties and events and get yourself all energised for the new year and if like me you’re an introvert go to parties as well (you can’t avoid people forever) but remember to recharge your batteries by watching the brilliant films of Wes Anderson!

Philly out.

Long time reader, first time writer.

Hi there my name is Philip! As it states in the title I’m a long time reader, first time writer.

I have finally succumbed to writing a blog (whether anyone reads it or not will be another matter). A couple of months ago I started reading a friends blog and it got to the state where I was always looking forward to the next post. I believe this is because she writes about something that she feels truly passionate about (she has a cause to champion!). She also lays herself out there… a lot! So it kind of feels like your invading someones mind, equatable to reading someones diary I guess. So here goes my attempt at internet-based writings and delves into sheer unadulterated self-indulgence (I mean who else would write about? You? Not likely).

Anyhow on here I’m gonna write about stuff that interests me and maybe at times delve into the world of amateur psychology with respect to myself really. Here goes… *deep breath*

Today is Christmas day (as I’m sure you probably knew). Well unfortunately for me I had to work today, which is a huge bummer *first world problems klaxon*. I genuinely don’t think I would have minded working on the 25th if not for the fact that I work in London which is many many miles away from my family home in Bolton. For me Christmas is all about family, board games and eating (+drinking) too much. I’m going to miss my little brother’s opening their presents, I’m going to miss thrashing my Dad at monopoly (which I think we can all agree is the best game ever) and I’m going to miss my mum’s amazing Christmas dinner.

However I am semi-determined not to let this bring me down! Luckily I really actually quite like my work, I work as an engineer in TV for the BBC and Channel 4. Which means I can watch (although rather passively) all the great Christmas TV on offer today! I bloody love watching films, so far today my favourite has to be Chicken Run (I don’t want to be a pie… I don’t like gravy) and a special mention goes to the Princess and the Frog (I was genuinely cut up about Ray! Then I was super jealous that he becomes a star!). Plus I cannae wait for Doctor who later! Come on Capaldi, make us proud!

Anyway that is enough textual based nattering from me! I hope you all enjoy your Christmas based shenanigans!