Long time reader, first time writer.

Hi there my name is Philip! As it states in the title I’m a long time reader, first time writer.

I have finally succumbed to writing a blog (whether anyone reads it or not will be another matter). A couple of months ago I started reading a friends blog and it got to the state where I was always looking forward to the next post. I believe this is because she writes about something that she feels truly passionate about (she has a cause to champion!). She also lays herself out there… a lot! So it kind of feels like your invading someones mind, equatable to reading someones diary I guess. So here goes my attempt at internet-based writings and delves into sheer unadulterated self-indulgence (I mean who else would write about? You? Not likely).

Anyhow on here I’m gonna write about stuff that interests me and maybe at times delve into the world of amateur psychology with respect to myself really. Here goes… *deep breath*

Today is Christmas day (as I’m sure you probably knew). Well unfortunately for me I had to work today, which is a huge bummer *first world problems klaxon*. I genuinely don’t think I would have minded working on the 25th if not for the fact that I work in London which is many many miles away from my family home in Bolton. For me Christmas is all about family, board games and eating (+drinking) too much. I’m going to miss my little brother’s opening their presents, I’m going to miss thrashing my Dad at monopoly (which I think we can all agree is the best game ever) and I’m going to miss my mum’s amazing Christmas dinner.

However I am semi-determined not to let this bring me down! Luckily I really actually quite like my work, I work as an engineer in TV for the BBC and Channel 4. Which means I can watch (although rather passively) all the great Christmas TV on offer today! I bloody love watching films, so far today my favourite has to be Chicken Run (I don’t want to be a pie… I don’t like gravy) and a special mention goes to the Princess and the Frog (I was genuinely cut up about Ray! Then I was super jealous that he becomes a star!). Plus I cannae wait for Doctor who later! Come on Capaldi, make us proud!

Anyway that is enough textual based nattering from me! I hope you all enjoy your Christmas based shenanigans!



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