Recharging those xmas batteries

Hello again,

Iv’e just finished watching the Royal Tenenbaums for what must be the 8th time in about ten days! (I gave myself Christmas and Boxing day off)

I love this film and I can now pretty much quote it all the way through (however I am incredibly aware that I’m about one or two views away from over-killing this film for myself). I’ve also listened to my Travelling Wilburrys album for about the hundredth time. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out. Harrison, Petty, Dylan, Orbison and that bloke out of ELO… I mean come on… Just amazing,

Now I’m going somewhere with this so stick with me if you can. I’ve been reading a lot of the introvert vs extrovert argument that is currently pasted all over the internet at the moment. A lot of it is nonsense, but you can find some really well written articles out there on the subject. I believe it all comes down to how you handle social interaction. Extroverts feel energised from being in groups, whereas introverts feel drained from big social activities (like multiple xmas based parties and gatherings) and have to recharge by spending a bit time on there own. I fall mainly into the introvert side of things. Now most of these articles on I vs E would have you believe that introverts are so cool and so deep, I don’t buy into this whole superiority complex, I just think we are built and we operate in different way. I do however feel slightly empowered and I feel I have a better grasp on how my brain works (knowledge is power). So when I have one of my sweet gorging sessions on my own (be it a book, DVD or album) I no longer feel like I’ve wasted a load of time I know I’m just sorting myself out (ying and yang man).

So if you’re an extrovert, over this great time of year go to loads of parties and events and get yourself all energised for the new year and if like me you’re an introvert go to parties as well (you can’t avoid people forever) but remember to recharge your batteries by watching the brilliant films of Wes Anderson!

Philly out.


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