Let’s Get Physical

Guten Tag everyone,

I have disturbing news… I have turned to the darkside… I have joined a gym. The following clip is eerily close to my own initial experience upon discovering said gym:

Not being able to pronounce words… all good like… is difficult for a man of my limited vocab. 

After joining a gym though I can’t help but feel like a hypocrite. This is going to sound terrible but I had few default cynical opinions in my head as to what a typical ‘gym go-er-rer’ was like. Once someone informed me that they went to the gym, I used to think BORING, they obviously have no interests otherwise they’d be spending their time doing something far more interesting. I still think some people fall into this category, but not to the same ‘tar them all with the same brush’ attitude I once adopted. Also you know when you’re a kid and you plant your first ever seed and you’re like ‘now what… wheres the damn plant!’ That is exactly how I used to feel about the gym, I’d do ten sit ups and expect to look like Hercules. Basically it turns out I was once really lazy and incredibly impatient, I still am really. In my mind the commitment in terms of time and effort didn’t seem worth it, plus I liked going against the crowd, all my friends were gym monkeys, therefore I refused to step foot inside of one, that is unless I was intent on doing my best Rocky impression in the boxing area, ironically of course.

I must say though I’m not joining a gym now to look like the next Schwarzenegger (that would be way too easy for me anyway), I’m joining after a recommendation from a friend.  I fear that I’m ruled by my emotions, I’ve come to terms with this, but that’s not gonna stop me addressing it. My aim is to attempt to put a lid on my silly brain by wearing myself out and by incorporating a bit of discipline into my weekly routine. Healthy body, healthy mind and all that jazzy jazz.

On a lighter note, I bet you’re now wondering one thing and one thing only… ”Whats my gym playlist gonna be?” Well I’m glad you asked. For me, when I’m pumping that sweet iron there can only be one motivational soundtrack that fits the bill. It has to be… the soundtrack from ROCKY 4! Then when I wanna get riled up and do some angry dancing… the soundtrack from FOOTLOOSE of course. Two of the greatest movie soundtracks EVER I think you will be forced to agree!

Angry dancing is just the best.

For those of you that made it to the end of this post, firstly congratulations are in order, secondly as a reward I have a treat for you! Like usual here are two songs that have burrowed into my head and are firmly lodged in there (to the annoyance of everyone in a ten meter radiance of me).

First up is ‘Air’ by Ben Folds Five. I  discovered these guys for myself about a year ago, their back catalog is really strong, they’ve been around for absolutely ages though. In the chorus of this song I love the floaty synth in the background and how it mixes with the vocal harmony at the front of the mix, it just does it for me.

My second song is by the great Bee Gees; ‘Spirits having flown’. The harmonies in the chorus are just epic, I got so fired up listening to this song this morning. Funnily enough my earliest memory of the Bee Gees is from when I was playing with Lego at my friends house when I was little. His mum used to love Savage Garden, I couldn’t stand them. The only other CD she had around of note was best of the Bee Gees, it was a no brainer,  6 year old me used to get in there first and crack the Bee Gees on before she had a chance!

Anyhow that’s enough from me, I’ve got to head back into work (that’s right I’m working on a Saturday laaaaame). Enjoy your weekend you crazy so and so’s,

Philly out



  1. Greetings from the dark side!! Give it a few weeks & you’ll be a resident 😉
    Well done for sorting a playlist, that’s a must. Kanye West – Stronger is one of my favs for the treadmill..

  2. I’ve been paying a gym membership for 3 years. Have I been going is a different story lol. I love Ben folds five, have you ever watched over the hedge?

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