Perfect Procrastination

Hey ya’ll, what up? This post is just a little update of what I’ve been up to (or not as the title alludes)!

Well I had so many plans for my days off… Alas the reality is I’ve just spent the last two days procrastinating my face off (ironically I haven’t watched the movie face off, you know the movie where the guy takes his face off and switches it with another guy who takes his face off?) I have watched a load of top notch moviesicals though; The Royal Tennenbaums, Spinal Tap, Airplane and The Life Aquatic to name but a few! I’ve also played loads of minecraft (a super duper geeky game for those of you that don’t know). I also had some pretty intense Youtube sessions that went south on me more than once (Youtube can get weird fast!) and oh yeah I’ve watched a lot of cartoon network as well… I mean loads… all I can say is I really like Adventure Time, Finn and Jake are just the best (self respect at an all time low).

Is procrastination a weakness, basically a failure to do anything of merit? If it is then why does it feel so right dammit!?

In other news I Philly89, self-proclaimed hater of people everywhere (not you though treasured reader!) am throwing a house party! Can you believe it, cause I can’t? I hate house parties and I hate big crowds. However I have no choice, my house mate is determined to have one. Last time he threw one it was a little fun, but I invited none of my friends and in hindsight I regretted it. It turns out they’re actually fun and if you just relax and don’t worry about inviting everyone plus all the crappy organisation, you can have a reasonable time! So this time round I have actually invited people I know and I am genuinely looking forward to it! Plus I get to make the playlist (which I will love, but most people at said party will hate)! Right now it consists solely of Hot Chocolate (No doubt about it!) and Billy Ocean (loverboy is a tune of the highest regard!)

The intro is essentially liquid music!

Wanna be your… Lover Lover… LOVERBOY!

Well now I’m going to leave the house for the first time in 48 hours. Luckily the sun has set, otherwise I can only assume its rays would have startled me and sent me scurrying back into the house!

Philly out

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