All Night Long

Hello people of the internetty-sphere! Welcome to my dark place (or my bloggy blog as I sometimes call it). Blatant  plagiarism makes the world go round I reckon. Anyhow let’s continue.

On Saturday a friend and I hosted a house party of reasonable proportions. I must mention that I get really nervous about these sort of occasions (I went to a school of hard knocks but came out a gibbering wreck) the pressure of everyone having a good time is crazy and the worry of getting enough people to come is enough to drive you mad (if you’re not interested in first world problems then I apologise, this post is not for you, however my next post will be on solving world hunger so stay tuned).

I must admit that I actually did very little of the pre-party leg work, my house-friend ‘Young David’ did pretty much everything. He made the house look great, he sorted out some sweet party punch and various other party essentials. My one and only job was music, ahhhhhhh yeah. I like to think that I was only given the one job so I could give it my sole attention and thus create something of wonder and awe. I took a complex approach to designing and building the ultimate playlist, I went for a three tiered approach with planned peaks and troughs throughout. I’m an engineer by trade so the logical brain was in full swing.
Playlist one was ‘the easer’. The objective being too ease everyone into a good mood while they knock back the drinks. On this playlist you could find a bit of Paul Simon, Stevie wonder, the strokes and even Roxy music. When it was finished it was actually 8 hours long, I was committed and also very good at letting Dave know how much effort I was putting in.

Playlist two was ‘the disco playlist’. The art to this one was activating it at the right time. I hit it at about 11pm and i think this played a huge role in getting to stay longer, the danger in London is that last trains are at midnight, so parties terms to end as they’re just getting good, but everyone taxied it home much later instead, I took that as a good sign (I love my friends, in case you couldn’t tell). To sum up playlist two was a huge hit. Crooning to Lionel Richie’s ‘all night long’, dancing along to ‘easy lover’ by Phil Collins and foot stomping along to prince’s ‘1999’ were my favourite personal high hitting moments.

Playlist three was ‘the calm everyone down’ playlist. Bob Dylan’s ‘wigwam’ featured  early on in this playlist. This song is from the royal tennenbaums (those of you that know me well know I’m obsessed with this movie) when oldies etheline and Henry decide they love each other, its a wonderful tender moment, I love it. The calming influence of the playlist became very necessary later on as well because the neighbours got really upset, turns out they’d only moved in that day. They must think we’re a bunch of party maniacs. The stark reality is it’s only once a year and that is more than enough for this guy!

Anyhow that’s my yammering over with. If you have a chance check this programme out:

It’s ace and definitely worth a watch, there’s some sweet Peter Gabriel Genesis on there and a classic track by Nick Lowe, ‘I love the sound of breaking glass’.

Stay classy… World.



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