Brain Combobulations of the Repetitive Kind

Okay I’ve had a long suspicion of mine confirmed again this week, I have an obsessive mind. Not in a OCD way (I’m one of the laziest/scruffiest people you’re ever likely to meet), I’m just a huge dweller (work is actually a huge relief, as I can just envelope myself in broadcast related shenanigans and tom-foolery). My poor BFF Chazzy can confirm this for all of you, the poor bugger lived with me for only one year in our masters year at uni and to say I confided a lot in the geezer would be an understatement. I get hung up on ideas and various other silly things, it drives me to the point of madness at times. I won’t mention everything that’s on my mind at the mo, because lets face it they’d seem incredibly trivial to anyone other than me, so I’m just gonna write about the positive stuff that is currently repeatedly circling my brain. Here we go!

I’ve constantly been thinking about making a short film, its something I’ve wanted to do for ages. I recently had a jolt of inspiration after reading the concept for the Spike Jonze film ‘Her’ that everyone is talking about. I won’t spoil anything but I will say that I bloody love sci-fi, specifically films which peer into the future and portray a kind of urban anomie in the shape of some sort of distopian future. The book ‘I am Legend’ written By Richard Matheson, in the 1950s, though not in the now ultra popular ‘distopian’ category is a great example of plonking a reader in a world that appears eerily similar to the modern norm that we’re used to, but has gut clenching differences that feel very believable and possible. The story on a basic level is about a survivor who is just living day by day in a world that for unknown reasons has gone down the pan. It focuses on the human condition, developed through the eyes of the protagonist. I would love to be able to capture just one of the themes this book encapsulates so clearly in a short film. This book has actually been adapted so many times onto the silver screen, sometimes successfully with ‘Omega Man’ and ’28 Days Later’ and sometimes not so, the books namesake ‘I am legend’… rubbish.

Another jolt of inspiration occurred on Thursday when I decided to go on a wrecky into central London. I grabbed my camera and took a load of random shots on my travels. Whilst out and about on Southbank I bumped into a group of people who were promoting a film they are trying to get funding for, they were a cool couple of guys and the little short clip on their kickstarter site has a few moments of magic:

Its all very well feeling inspired, but we all know that the next stage, motivation, never comes as easily. I think I need to get a routine going (which by the way I’m currently achieving in the world of physical fitness with my regular gym sessions to the up most degree) and get a plan/timeframe together. which will probably start with me drawing a storyboard out at home I reckon. Stay tuned for more developments as they come in…

Anywho… Don’t go changing,

Philly out


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