You Wanna Ring the Bell?

Ding ding…

I surprised myself this week, I finally did something I’ve been putting off for months…

I cycled to work!

I know that some might think ‘big whoop?’, but bare in mind that I cycled eight miles (eight loooong arduous miles) through terrifying London traffic (buses coming at you from all angles)! So much traffic and soooo bloody far! I nailed it though and I’ve now been riding off that high for a few days (I got the eye of the tiger man!). My matey at work had been constantly pestering me to do it and I’d given him 101 reasons as to why I wasn’t ready. He finally succeeded in convincing me though and I’ve gotta say I’m grateful he did, sometimes you need a little push.

What worried me about it is that you’re not in complete control of your own destiny, it only takes a few external factors to go wrong and then bye bye Philly, but I shouldn’t think like that though, otherwise I’d never do nothing (yes double negatives). When you push yourself to do something you genuinely think you can’t (I was panicking like a mad man, trying to think of reasons to bail on doing it the night before! At one point I was genuinely contemplating the idea that it could be last day on Earth!), it can only be good for you when you achieve it. What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger!

Right moving on, last night I think the title of ”Phil’s favorite show in London” has moved onto a new home (no one ever comes to pick up the award…). I went to see The Commitments and oh my goodness was it good!  Just incase you don’t know, the story is about a couple of working class Dubliners who form a soul band and play huge massive tunes! I already love the film so I had high expectations for the show and it didn’t disappoint.

“Soul is the music people understand. Sure it’s basic and it’s simple. But it’s something else ’cause, ’cause, ’cause it’s honest, that’s it. Its honest. There’s no fuckin’ bullshit. It sticks its neck out and says it straight from the heart. Sure there’s a lot of different music you can get off on but soul is more than that. It takes you somewhere else. It grabs you by the balls and lifts you above the shite.”

The tunes are so good, I was on my feet for the majority of the show and I have a knackered leg at the moment (nothing to do with cycling 8 miles the other day…), but I danced through the pain dammit!

Right I hope you’ve had a great week as well and that next week is even better! (I used the exclamation mark far too many times in this post!)

Philly out!

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