Month: June 2014

Doing Nothing is Not an Option

Howdy reader,

Get ready for a tale of woe, heartache and silly ideas.

I’ve just come back to work after a nice two week break, which nicely included my birthday (25 now ya’ll). I headed back north to spend sometime with the family, doing nothing was the plan. A chance to recharge the batteries and reconnect with Philly, you know all that cheesy stuff. Wait a minute who that guy? He kinda looks ominous and ready to rumble the party. Oh yeah that’s right its my brain. My brain’s favourite time to mess me up is when my defenses are lowered, when I’m ‘relaxed’:

1). Remember that time when you jumped on stage and stole your bosses award? Yeah that was embarrassing wasn’t it?

Its almost as bad as it sounds. It was a departmental award at an xmas partay. Every other department was loving it and having fun with the occasion… Someone should have told my boss that!

2). Your hair is getting boring… you know what you should do? Shave our head! Of course! Why hadn’t we thought of this before?

Why brain? Because I’m not flippin crazy! Thats why.

3). Ohhhh remember that time when you sneezed on that girl you liked in school…  yeesh. That was a bad one!

Okay he’s got me here. It was bad. Really bad.

Anyhow the moral of the story is… I was super glad to get back to work today!

Philly out!

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Lets Make a Short Film

Dear diary,

I’ve given myself an ultimatum. I am going to make a short film! Whether it kills me or not! Its something I’ve wanted to do for ages and I have slowly (oh so slowly) been making inroads. I’ve been gathering basic equipment for a while and I have been coming up with multiple ideas for the concept the film could actually be based upon.

I finally feel like I’ve finally made a huge breakthrough (it feels that way anyway). I’ve been posting ads (its that simple)… and turns out there’s loads of people out there who wanna do exactly the same thing. I’ve had a lot of replies from people who want to get involved and make a movie from scratch with a zero budget! I was even bizarrely contacted by the sunday times, who were interested in my advert (turns out I’m a genius at ad writing!).

I must add that I’m not sure what my motives actually are for making a movie, a healthy suspicion of adulthood has a lot to do with it, growing up is just rubbish really, I want to do something different! Anyhow if you’re reading this and you want to get involved then drop me a line, I intend to start group meetings by the end of July 2014!

How I visualise the process is in this sort of order/process:

Write a screenplay
Storyboard it
Cast it
Shoot it!
Edit it!
Promote it!

Easy peasy…

Philly out!

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Where Am I Going?

Conformity is the enemy… Normal is just the worst thing anyone can attain to in my eyes. Yet why do 99% (myself included) conform???

Basically we construct our identities on the basis of attitudes towards us. We get ideas in our head as to what is the norm based on the people around us, its human nature, but that doesn’t mean its good for you. We’re particularly vulnerable to this at an early age as well (old people on the other hand just don’t give a shit). We’re fed gender stereo types on how a boy or girl is supposed to behave, it needs to stop. In my minds eye I can still see now the people who affected me the most with what they thought were harmless comments when I was growing up. In the end it starts to become a script of common comments and questions (a wearying, predictable and demoralizing script, probably written by Michael Bay). We all start as clean slates and slowly get bogged down by what we perceive we should be doing. It sounds cheezy (and by god it is), but the only person you should be living for is yourself ( I mean this figuratively not literally, if little ones depend on you, you should probably keep looking after them with food, shelter and such).

Why am I harping on then? Well, at the start of the year, when it is natural to reflect and evaluate your life (and don’t forget those sweet January blues), I made the startling revelation that for the first time ever, I do not have any big goals on the horizon. I’d done the education thing, I’d then got a good job, but what was next? Am I now destined to just continue working away forever (a wage slave to big Sam’s dollar)? What is my next big goal? What do I want to do with my life (DEEP)? It would be easy to now state the same old bullshit we’re fed by society; Conformist rubbish really. I usually then react by harping on about writing a book or creating a film, but I haven’t acted on it. So far I’ve been 99% inspiration 1% motivation… and 1% doesn’t get you far I tells ya. I think people would say I should now be looking to find a girl, settle down and create a family. I respond to that simply… why? Its kind of a well traveled path this whole western-european life thing isn’t it? If I’ve not got anything sorted out on my end, then why should I have kids? It would be ridiculous in my opinion. Maybe when I find the right person that will change, who knows? Or maybe I just have a reaaaaally bleak outlook (but we all know I have an incredibly sunny disposition)?

To add some kind of conviction to what I’m saying (to my ramblings). An example of we all should be doing is being set by none other than my uncle. He recently said that he wants to be a vicar, I really hope he does so as well. It is refreshing to see someone have such a clear goal to work towards. That is how you become successful, you aim for something, then you go and get it (he blogs as well at: go check it out).

Right I’m done, I hope some of this made sense to someone somewhere, in some reality maybe in the future or in the past depending on whether or not time is linear or not (who knows I’m not one to judge).

Philly OUT!

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Should You Talk About It?

I like to talk, I am a big talker, the sound of my own voice is music to my ears, all my friends and family can back me up on this.

Thats why I started blogging (one of 2013-Phil’s finest decisions), I kinda feel like I have a lot to say and blogging gives me the opportunity to dump everything rattling around in my head space, in textual form onto the world wide web (this internet thing is all the rage). If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog I recommend it to the nth degree (mathing it up… I recommend maths as well)!

In general the point I’m trying to make is talk talk talk; textually, audibly or maybe even get some emotional pictionary going; Talk about it. Whatever it is that’s on your mind, get it out in to the great wide open, you will feel soooo much better (if you’re a meth cook or an international assassin… maybe do it anonymously, but otherwise get on it).

As a society I think there is still so much we need to talk about. The discussion of mental health issues is something that I have an interest in (if I come across any blog on this topic, then I’m reading it). We are getting there slowly, but you still hear ignorant comments from people who just don’t understand the problem and say things like: ‘weak minded’ and ‘Pull yourself together’. Same sex marriage and gender equality also need sorting out desperately.

From my personal experiences it always feels like the older generation just don’t get it. Its almost as if this next step in social progression is just one too far for them. As the younger generation we feel adamant that what we feel is correct and they’re just stick in the muds holding us back. They probably felt the same about their elders back in the day as well.

When we are the older generation, what will the youth of that age be pushing through? Will we remember how we feel now or will we sound just like our elders of today? What will the injustices of society be in 20-30 years time? How will we react?

Robot ethics: Obviously we’ll have robots in the future, so how will we define ‘robot ethics’? It was only recently in the news about allowing a robot to make the decision to kill someone. Who would be at fault for this, the engineer, the robot itself? So many issues.

Poor little bugger

Poor little bugger

Equal rights for vertigo sufferers: In the future can you imagine how crowded earth is gonna get? Obviously in a place like London, the only solution will be to build up (think Coruscant). All the town houses will be removed and replaced with skyscrapers. Do people who suffer from vertigo have an automatic right to ground floor accommodation? Soooo many issues.

This guy is probably not a vertigo sufferer.

This guy is probably not a vertigo sufferer.

What do you think the issues of tomorrow will be? Lizard people? Will the Game of Thrones develop into a fully fledged religion with millions debating its hidden deep meanings?

Anyhow thats me done, felt good to flex the old blogging muscles again,

Philly out!


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