Doing Nothing is Not an Option

Howdy reader,

Get ready for a tale of woe, heartache and silly ideas.

I’ve just come back to work after a nice two week break, which nicely included my birthday (25 now ya’ll). I headed back north to spend sometime with the family, doing nothing was the plan. A chance to recharge the batteries and reconnect with Philly, you know all that cheesy stuff. Wait a minute who that guy? He kinda looks ominous and ready to rumble the party. Oh yeah that’s right its my brain. My brain’s favourite time to mess me up is when my defenses are lowered, when I’m ‘relaxed’:

1). Remember that time when you jumped on stage and stole your bosses award? Yeah that was embarrassing wasn’t it?

Its almost as bad as it sounds. It was a departmental award at an xmas partay. Every other department was loving it and having fun with the occasion… Someone should have told my boss that!

2). Your hair is getting boring… you know what you should do? Shave our head! Of course! Why hadn’t we thought of this before?

Why brain? Because I’m not flippin crazy! Thats why.

3). Ohhhh remember that time when you sneezed on that girl you liked in school…  yeesh. That was a bad one!

Okay he’s got me here. It was bad. Really bad.

Anyhow the moral of the story is… I was super glad to get back to work today!

Philly out!

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