Sleep… Make it so!

I’m so tired right now… I’m currently considering the fact that sir Walter Raleigh was possibly a stupid get… That’s how tired I am.

When I’m this tired it feels like the world is falling apart, I become quite bitter and cynical. Just reading the paper on the way home becomes a tortuous affair; ”What is it all for?” I scream to myself. “Who cares if Rihanna accidentally sent a potentially damaging tweet, then immediately deleted it… Why is that front page news???” I look at fellow tube travelers with utter contempt; “They’ve been out drinking on a Friday night and they have the gumption to sit in front of me, someone who’s worked several 12 hour days in a row, actually look happy… The cheek of it.”

Ahhh but it’s not all bad… In 8 short hours normal philly will back, smiling from ear to ear and ready to tackle what the day has in store! Oh normal (future) Philly, you lucky so and so (that said I might hinder his recovery by staying up and watching 90s xmen cartoons… Why should future me have it all?).

Philly out y’all!


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