Do we Really Have Free Will?

Sorry dudes this ones gonna be heavvvveeee.

I’ve been reading a lot about psychology recently. Specifically the area of free will. Is gripped my attention massively and left me feeling a little rattled, but strangely fascinated.

The area of neuroscience is making leaps and bounds. Break throughs in this field could reshape society in my humble opinion. For example a widely held theory is that there is actually no such thing as ‘evil’. It’s not actually a very scientific term ‘evil’, you can’t garner any information from it all. Psychopaths and suchs action’s can now be directly related to deficiencies (or differences) in their brain. However this leads to the worrying concept of ‘don’t blame me, blame my brain’!

During childhood our brains are constantly being conditioned by our parents, school and so on. This environmental affect has been proven to cause real change to the actual physiology of your brain. By adulthood this rate of change has slowed right down. Those filters in your head that you use to process decisions and situations are now pretty much set. So this begs the question. Do we actually have any free will? I like to think yes, but will the wider belief in the future be the opposite?

It’s not all bad though, I also see it as empowering. We berate ourselves for certain decisions we make. What if we take a step back and consider that we all have innate natures, pre-defined morality, empathy and so on. To go against it then is ridiculous. You are you and that won’t change.

I’m sorry if you didn’t enjoy this post, but we all know it wasn’t my fault… My brain did it… Uh oh spaghettio.

Philly out!



  1. For a moment there, I thought that you were going to trot out the ruddy “everything that happens is an inevitable consequence of what happened before it” argument. That would have everything pre determined right the way back to the ruddy Big Bang, and maybe even before that.
    But no. You are coming from a purely “brain development” angle. But I reckon that the things that happen to that brain are still down to chance. Who you meet, what you overhear, what you see. You might respond to most of these things in a predetermined way. But sometimes you come across something or someone that changes everything. Like the hippies used to say “it blows your mind.” Then you have to think again.
    I reckon that your brain can always adapt to new situations and things. And it does it by your use of free will. It doesn’t get solid and inflexible as you grow older. Unless you are a Tory so and so. But even inflexible idiots with closed minds must have made some sort of a decision to close them at some point.
    That’s my two penn’orth any road.

    Doris Out!

    1. Thanks for commenting Doris.

      I’m not sure what I think really, I was just textually spouting my thoughts.

      I like to think we have free will as well, but was just hypothesising what I think this area of sciences future discoveries could mean for society.

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