Every now and then I watch a film that takes my breath away. Her is one of those films.

It is shot beautifully and the story is funny, heart wrenching and just incredibly thought provoking. 

*Semi Spoiler Alert is probably warranted!*

It offers a prediction of the future and at the heart of it, it is a love story. The story is about a man who falls in love with an artificial intelligence. It might sound ridiculous, but the film is so rich and layered that it is hard to do it justice in a review. So here are a few points that I love:

1) When his friend (played by Amy Adams) admits that she is dating an AI as well, they both have an emotional break through that is just epic, it’s a small moment but it works. It resonated with me because of a similar experience; I have tried online dating (obviously a stigma attached), when my friend told me she had done it as well, I couldn’t begin to explain the relief I felt! A shared experiencing is amazing.

2) Sometimes technology can make you feel closer to the human experience and it can also make you feel incredibly isolated, this film mirrors those feelings so well. We’ve all been there when Facebook or such, makes you feel incredibly debilitated.

3) I love Amy Adams

4) His love interest has no physical presence. Obviously Scarlet Johansson (who does the voice) is sexy as hell, but it relays the message that love is blind and shouldn’t be anchored in the physical.

5) It offers a prediction of what will happen when the ‘Singularity’ happens. Its not Skynet type movie, but how will humans contend with machines that are our intellectual superior? I’m just talking about processing speed.

6) Reaffirming the idea that you need to live for you.

Anyway thats my review over, I had to write something, my final point would be… SEE IT!

Philly Out!



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