Cinematically Themed Update

Hey hey hey!

I have some interesting news!

I did my first ever photography job-type thing t’other day. It was for my friend Claire (check her out at, she was holding a charity themed event entitled ‘You’re Not Alone’. It was all about breaking down those taboos that surround mental health (anxiety specifically). A great cause really, that I hope to have more interaction with in the future!

It actually seems very apt right now after the tragic news of Robin Williams (alleged) suicide. You really aren’t alone and many suffer from the same problems, more than ever its really important to talk about it. Also if you’re a part of the support network its important to get educated, don’t just say the usual crap; ‘just a bad day’, ‘what doesn’t kill you…’ , etc, etc… Get educated ya’ll!

Anyhow getting back to the point , here are some of my favourite pics from the evening!

IMG_0500 IMG_0543IMG_0507Oh yeah… you know it! Little black and white thrown in for artistic measure. Nothing to do with light levels being a little a low at all, no sireeeeee. Really there are one hundred and one ways to fix a pic (as I learnt to my delight!). I went all ninja in my approach, incognito, hiding in the shadows, snapping from a far!

Thats all from me, I just wanted to semi-show off (insert winky smiley face here)!

Philly out!


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