Divine Madness

Divine Madness!

I listen to music non-stop, all day every flipping day. This is where it all started. Divine Madness is a compilation album (I know its not cool to like comp albums, but I got into it when I was like six and coolness was concept I wasn’t 100% familiar with) but oh boy what a compilation album!

I got this album for Christmas (from saint Nick of course… It’s not weird that he slides down your chimney every year), it was in my sweet sweet stocking, I can still see it rectangularly streching said stocking. I thought to myself ‘oh boy who knew Saint Nick knew about ska’. Well I went mental when I saw it, I was already obsessed with the track ‘Our House’ which was on a compilation album my dad owned.

Once in my sweet possession the album didn’t stand a chance, I listened to it an obscene amount of times sat on my little bed, in my space themed bedroom (I seriously had a space themed bedroom. For those who enjoy detail it actually was possible to find the Millennium Falcon and a Borg Cube on the walls in the distance, it was a work of art).

Getting back to THE album. It seems to have magical ways of jumping back into my present timeline. A few moments jump to mind immediately; When I was waiting to hear back from York University on whether or not I was actually going to get in (my A levels could’ve been better really) I cracked this album on, My family had all fled to buy either champagne or tissues. Luckily those gullible fools took me on and I got in… sweet champers was consumed by all! Do I owe it all to the album? Who knows…

Another little landmark moment was that the first girl that I reallllly liked was a mega madness fan as well (It’s not what you’re like but what you are like that’s important). It felt like fate when she told me she was a fan… It didn’t go well. After my first real lady crush, this album had took on another layer and it took me a while to even be able to listen to it again. Do I owe that early heart break to the album? Who knows…

I don’t know why, but today I had an urge to dust it off and fire it up. I have no idea why, but hey ho it’s a damn Philly classic! ‘It must be love’, ‘Embarrassment’, ‘House of Fun’, are my current favourites!


Philly Out


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