Month: September 2014


The word ‘sorry’; I must use it over a hundred times a day, in what I percieve to be a polite manner.

Manners are bloody important, I can’t stand rude people and I pride myself in being polite and approachable. That’s why I think I brandish the sorry word so regularly. Its self deprecating (in a good way) and makes you more open to overs. Yet now I’m starting to think that people use us ‘sorriers’ as a bloody doormat. I’m fed up mateys!

Why am I ranting about this you ask? Well, firstly thank you asking, secondly some arrogant git really upset me on the tube this evening.

I was sat minding my own business on the district line at high Street Kensington station, when on jumps this young man dressed in what will I add, rather posh attire. He was maybe a year or two younger than me as well. As I said on he jumps, then he storms straight over to me and starts talking at me. I have my headphones in so I didn’t have any chance at all of hearing what he said. So I take politely them out, he can see this and is mid sentence yet continues his bombardment. He finishes, so I say politely ”oh I’m sorry I didn’t catch that?”

He says quite aggressively, possibly annoyed that he has to ask a second time, ‘Does the Piccadilly line stop at earls court?’
I pause, to his annoyance and then say, ”Erm… Yes it does, sorry”.

He then immediately slumps down a couple of seats away.

No thank you. No nothing.

Why did I apologise so many times? Why was I so desperate to be polite and turn it into a nice exchange?

What I should have said is; ”There’s a map there behind you on the train. You can check there.”

Or even better; ”Why are you raising your voice towards me, why don’t you fuck off mate?”

I would never say that… It would be fun though.

The really rubbish thing is this encounter feels very typically ‘London’. People in such a rush, so in their own world that they have no consideration for anyone else.

Should I abandon the ‘sorry’ and become more like him???

I think not, I don’t care if people think I’m a soft touch. At least I’ll be morally in the right. I’ll soldier on, to what avail, who knows?