Musical Memories

I love music. I listen to it none stop all day, if I’m out with friends and I have a minute to myself, the headphones go in, I’m brutal. If I forget my headphones on my commute, I break out into a cold sweat. My poor Spotify account takes an absolute hammering.

This morning on my epic journey to Ipswich (long story) I’m listening to an old favourite, an old friend if you well. I’m listening to the Let It Be album by none other than the Beatles! (Yes I know they’re not on Spotify, I’m angry about it to).

I love this album, it got me through, what qualifies for me as a tough time (I’ve lived a very sheltered life). I was at the start of my second term of my first year at university and I was, to put it simply, home sick.

I was only 18 and Id been home for Easter for a long time and it just reminded me of everything I was  missing at university. When I returned I was miserable, deep in the funk. Id hurt my arm to in a bizarre trampoline accident which didn’t help!

When i got back to uni, i spent a lot of time just sat in my room listening to Let It Be. I listened to this album over and over. The first track ‘Two of Us’ and track 3 ‘Across the Universe’ particularly resonated with me. They are are so melancholy, it was perfect for blue philly. The lyrics about John and Paul hanging out in ‘Two of us’ made me think about myself and my little brother who was only 8. I loved him to bits and at the time we were inseparable. In ‘across the universe’ the line ‘nothing’s gonna change my world’ is repeated over and over again, when you feeling isolated, a mantra like this is always gonna speak to you.

I have other albums and artists that remind of certain times, good and bad. I’d be interested to know if you have any similar tales?

Anyhow that’s me done, my favourite song ever is playing! ‘Long and winding road’. Words can’t explain how much I love this song!

Philly out!



  1. Music does have a power to control your mind, doesn’t it? Like it forces you to travel back in the past, reminiscing the memories-good or bad. I too cannot survive without my playlist-I’d probably be lost.

    I’m more of a folk and country girl and have been listening to this guy called ‘Jake Bugg’ recently. Check out his songs and you’ll understand why he’s called the ‘Young Bob Dylan’ of these times! He’s the kind of an artist that’ll give you a breath of fresh air in this time when people are selling crap for ‘music’ these days.

    He’s also compared to Beatles-so you might like him. Although, don’t hate me if you don’t.

    My Favorite- Broken and Storms pass away. 🙂

      1. Hahaha, everyone seems to retrograde in the pages of history when music was actually good. *Sigh*

        It’s sad, isn’t it? How music has deteriorated.

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