Introverted Misconceptions

Okaaaaaay I’m going against the grain here! So buckle up its about to get bumpy.

I firmly believe I’m introverted and I understand what that entails. It’s all about energy. Introverts need time alone to recharge after spending time with others; Whereas extroverts are the opposite, they feel recharged after spending time with people; for them, the more the merrier really. Here’s a really good post which nails it all: All the introverts put your hands up.

Like most I’ve been there. I’ve had friends perceive my introverted behaviour as me being grumpy, but that’s fine, it’s perfectly reasonable actually. This usually happens when I go quiet out of the blue. Everyone then thinks there’s something wrong and when asked am I okay, I force the worlds fakest smile. I now recognise why I’m behaving like this and I try not to think any less of either side involved.

Sooooo baaaack to my bugbear. Introverts are now for some reason portrayed in some circles as this super special group that’s sooo painfully misunderstood. Well that might be true, but that doesn’t give us a divine right to act like jackasses. The most recent example, another ‘introverted’ post by Buzzfeed riled me up no end: Faces every introvert will immediately recognise.

It just panders to the misconceptions held about introverts. We are not shy or reclusive, we are just wired slightly differently. I don’t hate going out to see my friends, I just understand that afterwards I will need time to alone to recharge. That doesn’t give me a divine right to pull ‘faces’ and be rude to my friends. Don’t get me wrong I understand that the article is intended to be light hearted and supposed to be just a bit of fun; Its job, obviously isn’t to educate or enlighten it’s too entertain.

However for me once you recognise you are an introvert, you shouldn’t wallow in self pity or use it as an excuse not to try. Use this new found understanding to your advantage. Knowledge is power after all. Analyse your behaviour accordingly, am I actually upset? Or am I just drained from spending the whole weekend with my friends whom I love to bits? 

Basically my point is being an introvert does not give you the right to be rude. We’re British after all, manners are important! If you are finding it really difficult and you truly feel misunderstood; why not try educating your extroverted family and friends? You could make an awesome powerpoint? Or a lazer show? Maybe not a mime show, but yeah, some kind of show.

Buuuuut anyway that is my rant over,

Phil out!


One comment

  1. Yes–they tend to write only about the extremes. I’m an introvert that looks like an extrovert. I draw energy both from the coming together and then the alone time. Without either, not quite balanced.

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