Bye Bye 2014

It’s rolled round quickly. I’ve had a nice Xmas themed break at home with the family and now I’m heading back saaaaarf to London. Naturally I’m in a reflective mood, the end of the year brings this about in all of us I’m sure.

Last year at this time I made a number resolutions, so many that some I can’t even remember. The only one I can think of that I actually kept was writing this blog semi-consistently over the course of the year (go me!).

Like last year though I have a few thoughts in my head of what I’d like to achieve in 2015, with one minor change to the execution; This time I’m not going to shout then from the rooftops for all to hear, I’m just gonna make a few quiet promises to myself. That way I don’t feel like a complete dufus when I only complete one!

2014 has been an odd year for me, it kinda feels like more of the same, every other year has had big milestones ingrained in them. I traveled to a few interesting places and I’m progressing well in work, but it would be nice to rock the boat in some way next year, I’m not really a ‘rock the boat’ kinda dude, but I’m determined to get myself slightly out of my comfort zone.

Finally, I read something on Facebook the other day that piqued my interest, it was posted by my uncle who has aspirations to be a vicar one day. It basically said, what are you thinking (dwelling on) about this holiday season? And are your thoughts serving you well?

I find at Xmas when the extended family gets together I struggle to relax. Everyone’s catching up and you have to answer those awkward repetitive questions (which frankly drive me mad) which have v always driven me mad.

After these get togethers I spend days dwelling on the aspects of my life that aren’t up to scratch. Are these thoughts serving me well? No, all they do is make me feel anxious and inferior. Soooo tonight I’m gonna forget my troubles, get reasonably drunk and play boardgames like an absolute boss.

Have a great evening and see you in 2015!


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