About mwah

Hi all,

If you’re reading this you’ve made a wonderful decision. You’re reading my blog!

It all started on Xmas day 2013. It turned out to be an ingenuous call. The ‘blogaverse’ is a very kind, friendly and fun part of the internet-sphere to get involved with. I’m happy to be a member.

I usually blog about whatever springs to mind, about once a week. My posts usually contain a dash of humour, a sprinkling of sarcasm all stirred together with love. I then leave it in the oven on gas mark five for about forty minutes and it gives you one hell of a tasty blog!

Some general comments and reviews about my blog for you to muse over:

‘A wonderful young man from northern England, with what I might add, a wonderful blog’ – Elizabeth I

‘He’s an actual highlander’ – Ramirez

‘There can be only one’ – The Kurgan

‘I would call him the fifth Beatle… of blog writing’ – Sir Paul McCartney

Those reviews say it all.

Philly out!



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