The 50p Tax

So the labour party is considering bringing back the 50p tax. Well in my opinion, so they bloody well should. It’s a disgrace that it was gotten rid of in the first place. When everyone on the breadline is struggling it’s so typical of the Tories to reduce taxes for those earning over £150,000!

Why is it then that the media would have you believe this is such a bad move? It’s because the small priveledged section of society that would be affected by this has a huge voice and aren’t afraid to use it.

Right wingers everywhere claim that it’s anti business and a large number of companies have actually spoken out against it, stating that they would have to let people go (well I’m guessing it won’t be those earning over £150,000 will it?). They should be ashamed. For me it’s a simple question of morality, the people with the most power should have to contribute more simple as that. If they think of themselves as outside of society, then why do we have have to shoulder their mistakes (i.e banking crisis)?

France has recently brought in a tax bracket of 75% for their super rich and it has been met positively. We should be thinking exactly the same way. If it’s a global effort they won’t be able to hide their money abroad and pay next to no tax.

Rant over.