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Happy (Nearly) New Year

How good is today’s Google Doodle? The answer is very…


It appeals to me on two levels (Count ’em two!):

First on a very basic simplistic level. I love the cartooney smiley faces, really I’m just a big kid and I love this sort of thing! (They’re adorable).

Secondly, I think it’s quite poetic (‘I sound like a right one’, goes my inner northern cynicism). My interpretation is rather simple, we’re all gonna boogie out the year, some of us more fervently than others (I will be freezing to death waiting for a few fireworks to go off) whilst the clock ticks down. Meanwhile 2014 is waiting on the edge of the dance-floor with almost fever-point anticipation, ready to get involved, cue the lasso dance move (one of my best moves… don’t try it home kids).

I really hope everyone has a great year. However right now reflection (or as I like to call it dwelling) is all the rage. We all start to look back over the last twelve months. Well personally I feel like I’ve had a great year! I love living in London and I’ve made some great new friends, who are just the best (they’re beautiful people inside and out… well most of them are). Next year I wanna push on (please sir… can I have s’more). My wishes are incredibly self-centred but I want to write more and read more (and buy that camera I’ve been oogling for over a year).

Okie dokie I’m going to leave you with two things:

Firstly how good is this song?

Secondly I saw Short circuit was on this morning…  If you need a nostalgia refill, re-watch this movie. (Who made Steve Guttenburgh a STAR, we do…we do…). Pure unadulterated, unfiltered 80s.

Well that’s all from me, I wish you all the best in the new year.

Philly out. 



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