new years resolutions

New Horizons

This time last year I felt so determined. I had an objective that I was sure (with lots of persistence) I could achieve. It was simple really, I was determined to get a new job.

On the surface my job looked really fun, I worked for a mega radio station that almost exclusively covered sport. This should have been my dream job, but the reality wasn’t the case. I won’t go into detail, but the job I was sold in the interview and the actual reality were far apart. I did make a few friends at work who I still speak to now but apart from them the environment was very aggressive, it was full of people who believed in getting their point across by shouting the loudest, that’s just not my bag baby, if I wanted that I’d go on the Apprentice.

Well because of the perceived ‘cool’ factor that was attached to my job, when I told people I was fed up I didn’t really get much sympathy. On top of that I had moved to London to take this job, I’d had a leaving party and everything, so the reality of not being happy in my work was really hard to take.

Anyway as I was saying I went into 2013 so determined to find a better job. I wasn’t just applying for anything that popped up, I was only applying for jobs I thought would be a real step up for me and that were still in broadcasting (I wanted to move from radio to TV). Once I had updated my CV and had started applying for jobs I straight away started to feel better. I knew know I was moving in the right direction and I consequently started to feel more confident in work. It made my last few months that I spent there actually quite enjoyable.

After looking for months, finally I found a great job advertised on a companies website that I had been stalking for ages after my friend Chazzy had mentioned them to me. Only two weeks after applying I was invited for a interview! I was elated, I couldn’t wait to go to the interview and strut my stuff. However first I had to get a half day off, this was complicated by the fact that I hadn’t told my boss I was looking for a new job and I didn’t intend to until it was all in writing. Well (whilst shaking in my boots) I made up some fib about a family event that I had to attend and I was begrudgingly given the half day off. I was sure he was on to me!

On the day of the interview was feeling confident. The interview session was stated as being two hours comprising of a traditional sit down interview and a load of practicals of varying difficulty. The reality was it started at one o’clock and I didn’t get out until half past six. I was exhausted. I had felt like the interviews had gone great, however right at the end of the day the big boss man had made a strange comment to me which completely caught me off guard and sent me into dwell mode. All he said was ‘It was really nice to meet you today Phil, good luck in all your future endeavors and make sure you keep in touch’.

This knocked me off my feet, before this comment I was feeling super confident, but now I was thinking maybe it didn’t go as well as I thought. I asked virtually everyone I knew what they made of it and naturally I got a mixed bag of answers. Well  a few weeks after the interview after hearing absolutely nothing, I had almost given up hope, but then my phone buzzed and made a ding-a-ling sound which meant I had an email. I opened it and there it was, a sweet job offer. I immediately called them and took the job. I swear that day after work I did a whole song and dance number on my way home! 

Well my first day soon came round and hand on heart I can honestly  say that from day one till now that I love my (now not so new-ish) job, the people who I work with are great and the work is really stimulating and challenging.

Looking back over this I realise even though I started in a really bad place, with a bit of determination and perseverance you can turn a crappy situation into a bloody brilliant one. 

All this has made me realise that this is year is probably the first year ever that I’ve gone into with no specific objectives on the horizon. Therefore I’ve decided that this year I’m going to explore as many possibilities as possible. Here is a short list of what I aim to do this year:

I want to make a short movie with actors and everything!

I want to write a book. I have lots stories that I’ve started but never finished, this year will be different… I hope. 

I want to learn to paint, my Grandad was a great painter, so it must be in the Greenhalgh genes right?

AND Oh yeah I want to keep writing my blog as well (I’m obsessed!). Iv’e only been doing it a week, but I’ve already chatted to some really interesting people and read some absolutely amazing stories.

Well that’s me done for today, have a lovely Thursday everyone! (I’m getting my haircut!)