Should You Talk About It?

I like to talk, I am a big talker, the sound of my own voice is music to my ears, all my friends and family can back me up on this.

Thats why I started blogging (one of 2013-Phil’s finest decisions), I kinda feel like I have a lot to say and blogging gives me the opportunity to dump everything rattling around in my head space, in textual form onto the world wide web (this internet thing is all the rage). If you’ve been thinking about starting a blog I recommend it to the nth degree (mathing it up… I recommend maths as well)!

In general the point I’m trying to make is talk talk talk; textually, audibly or maybe even get some emotional pictionary going; Talk about it. Whatever it is that’s on your mind, get it out in to the great wide open, you will feel soooo much better (if you’re a meth cook or an international assassin… maybe do it anonymously, but otherwise get on it).

As a society I think there is still so much we need to talk about. The discussion of mental health issues is something that I have an interest in (if I come across any blog on this topic, then I’m reading it). We are getting there slowly, but you still hear ignorant comments from people who just don’t understand the problem and say things like: ‘weak minded’ and ‘Pull yourself together’. Same sex marriage and gender equality also need sorting out desperately.

From my personal experiences it always feels like the older generation just don’t get it. Its almost as if this next step in social progression is just one too far for them. As the younger generation we feel adamant that what we feel is correct and they’re just stick in the muds holding us back. They probably felt the same about their elders back in the day as well.

When we are the older generation, what will the youth of that age be pushing through? Will we remember how we feel now or will we sound just like our elders of today? What will the injustices of society be in 20-30 years time? How will we react?

Robot ethics: Obviously we’ll have robots in the future, so how will we define ‘robot ethics’? It was only recently in the news about allowing a robot to make the decision to kill someone. Who would be at fault for this, the engineer, the robot itself? So many issues.

Poor little bugger

Poor little bugger

Equal rights for vertigo sufferers: In the future can you imagine how crowded earth is gonna get? Obviously in a place like London, the only solution will be to build up (think Coruscant). All the town houses will be removed and replaced with skyscrapers. Do people who suffer from vertigo have an automatic right to ground floor accommodation? Soooo many issues.

This guy is probably not a vertigo sufferer.

This guy is probably not a vertigo sufferer.

What do you think the issues of tomorrow will be? Lizard people? Will the Game of Thrones develop into a fully fledged religion with millions debating its hidden deep meanings?

Anyhow thats me done, felt good to flex the old blogging muscles again,

Philly out!


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Sunday Related Musings

Okily-dokily readerino,

I finally went and saw American Hustle. Well as like most people my expectations were sky high, I mean look at the cast! Bradley ‘Handsome’ Cooper, Jennifer ‘My 2nd (only to Zooey Deschanel) Dream-girl’ Lawrence, Christian ‘Cos I’m Batman’ BaleJeremy ‘Poor mans Matt Damon’ Renner and Amy ‘I ran out of tag-lines’ Adams.

So so promising… and it delivered sir, the words that spring to mind are BLOODY and BRILLIANT. Definitely worth the £10.25 it cost for the ticket (when did the cinema become so expensive? And more importantly when did I become such a grumpy old miser?). The film lost a bit of momentum at times, but that really is the only bit of criticism I have.

As a side comment American Hustle kinda makes me think Bale wasted some good years doing rubbish films like terminator and dare I say it… batman (apart from the first one, I wasn’t on board at all). Well let me tell you good ole Baley boy puts in an awards worthy performance and if you don’t mind me being so forward… what a toupee/comb-over, to be honest all the hair in the film is off the scale, but Bales takes the biscuit!


Five of the best hairstyles in the world ever right there!

Also one of the supporting actors in it was from a play I saw the other day. He played the nutter in Strangers on a train at the Gielgud theater in London UK. For some reason this made me feel a little smug.

In other news after watching the Syfy channel for a few hours today, I found myself asking why we still don’t have robot butlers like in Rocky 4. I mean come on that film was set in 1985 and they gave Unkie Paulie a fully working robot butler. We’re 29 years further into the future now! Obviously we would have had to overcome a few robot rebellions, but it would be totally worth it.


Robots are in no way creepy… in no way creepy.

Anyway happy end of the week everybody, I’m gonna watch the final Sherlock, yep that’s right they only made three, damn you BBC, damn you!

Here’s a little song that’s been bounding round my mind laddie:

Philly out

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