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Okily-dokily readerino,

I finally went and saw American Hustle. Well as like most people my expectations were sky high, I mean look at the cast! Bradley ‘Handsome’ Cooper, Jennifer ‘My 2nd (only to Zooey Deschanel) Dream-girl’ Lawrence, Christian ‘Cos I’m Batman’ BaleJeremy ‘Poor mans Matt Damon’ Renner and Amy ‘I ran out of tag-lines’ Adams.

So so promising… and it delivered sir, the words that spring to mind are BLOODY and BRILLIANT. Definitely worth the £10.25 it cost for the ticket (when did the cinema become so expensive? And more importantly when did I become such a grumpy old miser?). The film lost a bit of momentum at times, but that really is the only bit of criticism I have.

As a side comment American Hustle kinda makes me think Bale wasted some good years doing rubbish films like terminator and dare I say it… batman (apart from the first one, I wasn’t on board at all). Well let me tell you good ole Baley boy puts in an awards worthy performance and if you don’t mind me being so forward… what a toupee/comb-over, to be honest all the hair in the film is off the scale, but Bales takes the biscuit!


Five of the best hairstyles in the world ever right there!

Also one of the supporting actors in it was from a play I saw the other day. He played the nutter in Strangers on a train at the Gielgud theater in London UK. For some reason this made me feel a little smug.

In other news after watching the Syfy channel for a few hours today, I found myself asking why we still don’t have robot butlers like in Rocky 4. I mean come on that film was set in 1985 and they gave Unkie Paulie a fully working robot butler. We’re 29 years further into the future now! Obviously we would have had to overcome a few robot rebellions, but it would be totally worth it.


Robots are in no way creepy… in no way creepy.

Anyway happy end of the week everybody, I’m gonna watch the final Sherlock, yep that’s right they only made three, damn you BBC, damn you!

Here’s a little song that’s been bounding round my mind laddie:

Philly out

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Ramble On

I write this whilst watching Gnomeo and Juliet on BBC 1 HD and whilst suffering from a slight hangover (I’ve always been a cool dude). 


After every night out (they’re far and few between mind you) I spend the whole of the next day rerunning conversations, I can’t help it. I’m a big fan of the dwell (Okay Gnomeo and Juliet is just bloody good). I’m not on my own in this I’m sure, I just find big groups hard to handle, I’m more of a one on one man. That said last night was fun, I went to the embankment in London with a few friends and saw the fireworks which were just amazing (I really hope they make a Gnomeo and Juliet 2). In fact it was the worlds first sensory fireworks display which was pretty cool. Whilst watching the fireworks I could smell and taste a plethora of fruity goodness! 

Now for the main attraction, which I’m sure many people are looking forward to… NEW SHERLOCK! I can’t wait. I watched the original ones in Cornwall on holiday a few years ago and I just fell in love, they’re fricking awesome. I actually saw Cumberbatch in Leicester square outside the Amazing Spiderman premiere about a year ago. I was with my uncle, who I meet up with when he’s working in London. The dialogue went as follows:

Me: Oh look its the premiere for Amazing Spiderman, want to check it out?
Uncle: Okie Dokie.
Me: Oh look, that’s where they let people onto the red carpet.

Many minutes later..

Uncle: Oh my god that’s Sophie Ellis Bexter! I used to have a massive crush on her.
Me: Great… well if thats the standard of celeb… lets just bail… oh my god… is that… Is that Sherlock… It’s only bloody sherlock.
Uncle: Best night ever.


So without further ado Happy Sherlock day! #sherlocklives

Also here’s a little song that’s been rattling around my head: 

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